How to get started

It's easy to set-up & start running your own key worker campaign. Here are a few ways you can integrate our tool.

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Embed on your website

Create a blank page on your website. Paste a snippet of code (it's just an iFrame). Link to this page from your header, footer, e-mail list or social media.

Pro Tip

Add ?mini to the end of your url (src) if you would like to hide your brands logo" frameborder="0" seamless="seamless" scrolling="yes" style="min-height:100vh;width:100%" allowfullscreen>

Add a link to your page

Every business that signs up to gocertify receives their own public landing page (this includes your widget). Simply put a link to this landing page from anywhere on your website.

This could be from your own page dedicated to your key worker discount, a link in your navigation, footer, or a banner on your website. You can also promote the page on your social media, email newsletter and any other marketing channel.

See example landing page

Set up your key worker discount program today

Our widget means you can start offering discounts exclusively to verified key workers instantly.

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