KEY WORKER Verification

Instantly verify 2.1m key workers

Offer discounts exclusively to verified key workers by verifying workplace IDs with AI image recognition. Acquiring new customers and converting them into brand loyalists.

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Keep users on your website with your own custom-branded widget.


How it works

Create your widget

Let’s us know your brand colours and what you are giving to key workers.


Add to website

Quickly and easily add your widget to your website without using code.

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Verify workers & give discounts

Workers upload their ID to your widget. We then use AI image recognition to verify and then send the discount.




Can we use unique coupon codes?

Yes. If you are interested in getting setting up with unique codes just email us.

Do you have an API?

Yes. If you would like to make a completely bespoke solution you can use our key worker verification API.

What's a typical user journey?

1 • A key worker would hear about your offer from your marketing. Typically a newsletter, banner on your website, a link in your website navigation.
2 • They would then head to your widget (this can be embedded on your website or you can simply link to your page hosted on our site).
3 • They would submit their ID/work email on here and be sent to a confirmation page where they are prompted to share with a colleague, like this.
4 • Successfully verified customers are sent a coupon code, unsuccessful/fake requests are prompted to submit for a manual review via email (all run by our team).

I have a widget, what next?

Promote your widget on your website (view our integration guide), social media, within emails and across any other marketing channel you use.

How much does it cost?

The first 15 verifications are free. After this we charge a monthly fee which increases as you need more verifications. This starts at £15 a month.


Set up your key worker discount program today

Our widget means you can start offering discounts exclusively to verified key workers instantly.

Create widget - it's FREE
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